High Voltage DC System Superior Than HVAC system, Why?

high voltage dc system

High Voltage DC System is Superior than High Voltage AC system. Why ?

high voltage dc system

Transmission of electric power by high voltage dc system is superior to that by high voltage ac system in many respects.

i. It requires only two conductors for transmission and it is also possible to transmit the power through only one conductor by using earth as returning conductor, hence much copper is saved.

ii. No inductance, capacitance, phase displacement and surge problem in dc transmission.

iii. There is no skin effect in dc, cross section of line conductor is, therefore, fully utilized.

iv. The potential stress on the insulation in case of dc system is 1/√2 times of that in ac system for the same working voltage. Hence for same working voltage less insulation is required.

v. Charging current, which contributes to continuous loss even on no load, is eliminated.

vi. A dc line has less corona loss and reduced interference with communication circuits.

vii. Underground cables can be used because of less potential stress and negligible dielectric loss.

viii. Since there is no inductance, the voltage drop in a dc transmission line due to inductive reactance does not exist. Hence for the same load and sending-end voltage, voltage regulation for the dc transmission line is better.

ix. In dc transmission system, there is no stability problems and synchronizing difficulties.

The only difficulty is of obtaining the necessary high voltage required for transmission as neither electrical power can be generated at high voltage because of commuting difficulties nor voltage can be stepped up.

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