Kaligandaki ‘A’ Hydropower Station

Kaligandaki 'A' Hydropower Station

Kaligandaki ‘A’ Hydropower Station

Kaligandaki ‘A’ Hydropower Station is the largest Power Plant of Nepal with installed capacity of 144 MW and annual design generation of 842 GWh. It is located at Krishna Gandaki, Syangja. It has the highest generation 929.983 GWh this year since commissioning in 2002 which is 7.62% more than previous year’s generation. The significant maintenance works this year includes overhauling of Unit No. 3 from 1 March 2015 to 20 April 2015, under which repair and replacement of HVOF coated runner, wicket gates, wearing rings, facing plates were carried out. Other activities include power transformer oil filtration, excitation transformer and power transformer cleaning generator stator and rotor cleaning and checking of instrumentation & control system. Replacement of Potential Transformer and replacement of SF6 gas at the substation were also carried out this year. Other major works include installation of 1100 AH, 110 V new battery bank at powerhouse and installation, testing and commissioning of DC/DC convertor Moreover, repair and maintenance works of diversion gates, under sluice gates, desander flushing gates were carried out.

As part of implementation of KGA Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project (KGAHPPRP), the Contract Agreement for the Consulting Services for Dam Safety, Civil, Electromechanical Works and Capacity Building have been signed between NEA and MWH International Inc, USA on 23rd April 2015 under Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building component. Under Electro-Mechanical Works, Contract Agreement for Supply and delivery of Turbine spare parts & Repair of Turbine have been signed and repair portion of the contract has been completed. Contract packages for Supply and delivery of Spare Parts for Power House Auxiliary System (Lot 1, 3, 4 & 5) have been signed & delivery is almost completed.

The other competitive packages consisting of Spare Parts for Power House Auxiliary System (Lot 2, 6 & 8) and Installation of Trash Rack Cleaning Machine are under evaluation. Under Safeguard Implementation, Maintenance works on Seti Beni Sheela, construction and improvement works of Fish Hatchery & improvement of Irrigation System and water supply in Beltari has been signed.Civil Works, repairing and upgrading of Control system, Safeguard Implementation, Capacity-Building and Catchment Area Treatment Plan are planned for next fiscal year after the detail review from the Consultant.

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