Outdoor Substations: Foundation Mounted Substation

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Foundation Mounted Substation are built entirely in the open and in such substations all the entirely in the open and in such substations all the equipment is assembled into one unit usually enc-loaded by a fence from the point of view of safety. Substations for primary and secondary transmission and for secondary distribution, (above 250 KVA) are foundation mounted outdoor type. Since equipment required for such substations is heavy, therefore, site selected for theses substation must have a good access for heavy transport. Again, owing to exposed bus-bars and other associated equipment the clearances and spacing are not only to be governed by the operating voltage but also from the considerations of the encroachment form outside. Low level type substations are designed except when the space available is limited as these provide facility of easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Foundation Mounted Substation Foundation Mounted Substation

The switch-gear consists of circuit breakers of suitable type on both the sides but with the increased reliability of the modern transformers, the practice is to dispense with the circuit breaker on the incoming side form the economic considerations. The isolating switches thus serve the purpose.


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