Outdoor Substations Over Indoor Substations: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Outdoor Substations Over Indoor Substations: Advantages and Disadvantages

The outdoor substations have the following main advantages over indoor substations.

i. All the equipment is within view and therefore fault location is easier.

ii. The extension of the installations is easier, if required.

iii. The time required in erection of such substations is lesser.

iv. The smaller amount of building materials (steel-concrete) is required.

v. The construction work required is comparatively smaller and cost of the switch-gear installations is low.

vi. There is practically no danger of a fault which appears at one point being carried over to another point in the installation because the apparatus of the adjoining connections can be spaced liberally, without any appreciable increase in costs.

vii. Repairing work is easy.


The disadvantages of outdoor installations in comparison of indoor installations are:

i. The various switching operations with the isolators, as well as supervision and maintenance of the apparatus is to be performed in the open air during all kinds of weather.

ii. More space is required for the substation.

iii. Protection devices are required to be installed for protection against lighting surges.

iv. The length of control cables required is more.

v. The influence of rapid fluctuation in ambient temperature and dust and dirt deposits upon the outdoor substation equipment makes it necessary to install apparatus specially designed for outdoor service and, therefore, more costly.

Outdoor substations are very widely used in power systems.

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