Outdoor Substation: Pole Mounted Substation

Pole mounted substation

Pole mounted substation are erected for mounting distribution transformers of capacity up to 250 KVA. Such substations are cheapest, simple and smallest of substations. All the equipment is of outdoor type and mounted on the supporting structure of high tension distribution line. Triple Pole Mechanically Operated (TPMO) switch is used for switching “on” and “off” of high tension transmission line. HT fuse unit is installed for protection of high tension side. To control low tension  side iron clad low tension switch of suitable capacity with fuses is installed. Lightning arresters are installed over the high tension line to protect the transformer from the surges. Substation is earthed at tow or more places.

Pole Mounted Substation

Pole mounted substation

Generally transformers of capacity up to 125 KVA are mounted on double pole structure and for transformers of capacity above 125 KVA but not exceeding 250 KVA 4-pole structure with suitable platform is used. This type of pole-mounted substation is erected in very thickly populated location.

The maintenance cost of such substations is low and by using a large number of such substations in a town it is possible to lay the distributors, at a lower cost. But owning to increase in number of transformers, total KVA is increased, no load losses increase and the cost per KVA is thus more. Economy is the main consideration when a choice is made for such substation. Typical 200 KVA pole mounted substation.

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