Blue Fountain Media Web Based Business Solution

Blue Fountain Media web based business solution Blue Fountain Media was built on a philosophy of great people and great work. In 2003, Gabriel Shaoolian, made it his mission to create websites and digital solutions that would help grow businesses online. From day one, Blue Fountain Media has been dedicated to bringing together the most creative minds in the industry to deliver results-driven work for our [...]

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KULEKHANI III HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT Project Background The 14 MW Kulekhani III Hydroelectric Project is a third cascade scheme of the Kulekhani Reservoir project. The Civil [...]

Voltage Control: Needs, Causes and the Methods

voltage control
Introduction The electrical energy is normally generated at the power station far away from the urban areas, where consumers are located, and delivered to the ultimate [...]

Interconnected System: Advantages of 2 or more Generating Station

Upper Trishiuli 3A Hydroelectric Project
What do you understand by the term "Interconnected System" ? Discuss the Advantages of interconnection of two  or more Generating Station. Parallel Connection of several [...]

Significance of Load Factor and Diversity Factor

Load Factor: The ratio of average load to maximum demand is known as load factor. Load Factor= Average Load/Maximum Demand If the plant is operated for T [...]

Comparison Between Overhead and Underground systems

Transmission and distribution of electric power can be carried out by overhead as well as underground systems. Comparison between overhead and underground systems are given [...]

AC System Disadvantages Distribution & Transmission Lines

AC System Disadvantages
Alternating Current systems has the main advantages is that the voltage can be stepped up at generating end by means of step-up transformers to the required value for [...]

High Voltage DC System Superior Than HVAC system, Why?

high voltage dc system
High Voltage DC System is Superior than High Voltage AC system. Why ? Transmission of electric power by high voltage dc system is superior to that by high voltage ac [...]

Power System Structure: Supply Systems

Power System Structure
Power is the basic need for the economic development of any country. Availability of electricity has been the most powerful vehicle of introducing economic development and [...]

Factors Making Site Selection For a Substation

making site selection
Making Site Selection and Location for a Substations The following factors are considered while making site selection for a substations. Type of Substation The [...]

Outdoor Substations Over Indoor Substations: Advantages and Disadvantages

making site selection
Outdoor Substations Over Indoor Substations: Advantages and Disadvantages The outdoor substations have the following main advantages over indoor substations. i. All the [...]