Blue Fountain Media Web Based Business Solution

Blue Fountain Media web based business solution Blue Fountain Media was built on a philosophy of great people and great work. In 2003, Gabriel Shaoolian, made it his mission to create websites and digital solutions that would help grow businesses online. From day one, Blue Fountain Media has been dedicated to bringing together the most creative minds in the industry to deliver results-driven work for our [...]

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Outdoor Substations: Foundation Mounted Substation

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Foundation Mounted Substation are built entirely in the open and in such substations all the entirely in the open and in such substations all the equipment is assembled into [...]

Outdoor Substation: Pole Mounted Substation

Pole mounted substation
Pole mounted substation are erected for mounting distribution transformers of capacity up to 250 KVA. Such substations are cheapest, simple and smallest of substations. All [...]

Indoor Substations Types: According to Constructions

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Indoor Substations Types According to construction indoor distribution transformer substations and high voltage switchboards are futher subdivided into the following [...]

Indoor Type Substations: Descriptions & Classifications

Indoor Type Substations
Indoor Type Substations is the substations in which the apparatus is installed within the substation building. Indoor Type Substations are usually for a voltage up to 11,000 V [...]

Classification Substations: Basics of Numerous Ways

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The Substation is a part of electrical Power System. That is the part of an electrical generation, transmission and distribution system. It is regarded as the source of energy [...]

Substation: Duties;Service;Voltage;Importance;Design

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Classification Substation: Duties; Service Rendered; Operating Voltage; Importance; Design Classification of Substation on the Basis of Nature of Duties It could be [...]

Hydro Power Development Policy in Nepal

Upper Trishiuli 3A Hydroelectric Project
The government is pursing water resources development in Nepal from three different approaches: To develop small and decentralized Hydro power projects to meet the local [...]

Hydro Power Plants Nepal : Merits and Demerits

Upper Trishiuli 3A Hydroelectric Project
Merits and Demerits of Hydro Power Plants Nepal : Geological and Hydro logical Condition Merits/Advantages of Hydro Power Plants Project in Nepal Hydroelectricity enjoys [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of HVDC Transmission Lines

AC System Disadvantages
Transmission of Electrical Power by high voltage DC system is superior to that by high voltage AC system. Here the Advantages of High Voltage Direct Current HVDC Transmission [...]

Introduction: Electrical power System and Supply System

electrical power system
The electrical energy is normally generated at the power stations far away from the urban areas where consumers are located. The problem, therefore, is to transmit the large [...]