Short Transmission Line

short transmission line

In Short Transmission Line the effect of shunt conductance and shunt capacitance are neglected and only the series resistance and inductive reactance are to be consider. The charging current in a low voltage (i.e. short transmission line) is very-very less. Therefore, shunt capacitance is neglected. The R, L is concentrated centrally as.

Any electrical network generally has two input terminals and two output terminals. If we consider any complex electrical network in a black box, it will have two input terminals and output terminals. This network is called two – port network. Two port model of a network simplifies the network solving technique. Mathematically a two port network can be solved by 2 by 2 matrix. A transmission as it is also an electrical network, line can be represented as two port network.

short transmission line


Short Transmission Line




Then the VS and IS is written in matrix form as

 [Vs/Is] = [ 1 z ] [ Vr/Ir ]

Then equation is written in a two port network as

[ Vs/Is] = [ A  B /C  D ] [ Vr/Is ]

Therefore, Vs = AVR + BIR

                          Is = CVR + DIR

The power losses = 3 IR2R

The Sending end power (Ps) =  Vs Is cosS

The Receiving end power (PR) =  Vs Is cosR

The efficiency of Transmission line (n) =  Pr/Ps* 100 %

The regulation of the line = (Vs-Vr)/Vr * 100 %


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