What is Version Control System ? What is Git and GitHub?

version control sytem

Version Control System:

Version Control System is the system that allows managing the multiple revisions of the same unit of information. That might be any documents, source file, of HTML code or any other large software developing project. Version control system allows the multiple users to cooperate and share the same file in the server.  Then there might be the question, why version control system is necessary?  Of course, while editing the same file from the server, it can happen that many person are editing the same portion of the file, there might be the duplication of the same file. In this situation version control system plays the key role not to happen so.  Version control system lock the main file from the server if one person is editing that file or it may shows the warning notification signal that somebody is editing the same file.

Moreover version control system is the only way to track the changes in the file. This is very important in the software development process. While releasing the different version of the same software, if the latest version suffers some bug or problem, developers can easily look over the changes that were made in the newer version. This means version control system not only systematized the data but also helps to solve the problem very quick.

Version control system save the spaces while doing the project. This means in version control system, file system are centralized. In which all version of specific software are saved.

Now, let’s look some version control system those are  practice these days. Some of the popular version control systems are:

  • Git
  • CVS
  • SVN
  • Mercurial
  • Bazaar
  • LibreSource
  • Monotone

Among them many developer prefer Git Version control system. Due to some basic as well as distinct character features of Git, it is widely used version control system in many software development firms.

Features of Git:

  • It is distributed version control system
  • It has strong support in non-linear development
  • From Git it is very easy and efficient to handle the large project too
  • Cryptographic authentication of history
  • Best toolkit design